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Default Re: Ollie's journey

Like the others have noted, I wouldn't sweat a brief blip in blood sugar and wouldn't change the insulin dose for a couple of days at least to see if it comes back down on its own.

It's almost laughable that we take the kind of complex body system of insulin production and blood sugar and replace it with two shots of a set amount of insulin a day... it shouldn't work really. But it does, well enough.

So many things affect blood sugar... digestion, level of activity, absorption of the insulin, air temperature, infections, allergies, inflammation, stress, various chemical levels in the body. It's a really complicated system and just doesn't work at all like a thermostat where you set the dose and things stay pretty even.

I would tend not to routinely drive the blood sugar down below 100. Dogs can have fabulous lives with basically no impact from the diabetes with blood sugar between 100 and 250. That leaves you with a cushion for the days when the swirl of stuff that affects blood sugar leaves it lower than normal.

Now, if after three days, the blood sugar remains persistently worrisomely high - 400 and above say - throughout the day, then you want to consider why it's happening. An increase in dose may be appropriate but not without looking for the cause.

Your dog's blood sugar may occasionally shoot up for a few days and then come back down with no intervention on your part. In which case it's just your dog's version of diabetes and not necessarily anything to be concerned about if other causes have been ruled out.

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