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Default Food Related Recalls and Warnings

Hope this is where I put this post!!
Have just been reading about the NutroMax food warning on the other diabetes site.
Lady has had some Nutro senior food, dry and canned, mixed in with her RC food since January. It's easy for me to get, whether I'm in Ontario or on the road, and she likes it Now I read the stories of people who have lost their pets due to NutroMax foods! She hasn't had any problems but it doesn't make me feel very comfortable feeding her this product.
Will have to check the Nutro company's site and keep reading...there has to be a product out there that is good quality and easy for me to get!!
Jo-Ann & Lady

PS--If the food and drug people on this continent would spend more time checking out the pet food manufacturers than whether they can find something out about trilostane that the UK people haven't already discovered our pets would be better off!!