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Default Re: How fast should I increase doses to avoid ketoacidosis

Although giving a dose about a week to settle seems to be the general consensus, I might be a little more aggressive until I see any reading in the 300/400s. I'd then slow down once seeing any 300. Just my thought!

By the way, are you also testing just prior to meals/injection, or only around the +6 hour point? Text books might indicate the +6 hour should yield the lowest number, but MOST PUPS DONT READ THE TEXT BOOKS.. My Annie has her lowest reading at around the +10 to +12 (just prior to the next meal). In fact, my Annie generally has her highest number around the +5 to +6 hour.

Annie was an 18 pound Lhasa Apso that crossed the rainbow bridge on 10-5-17. She was nearly 17 years old and diabetic for 9 years.

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