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Default My Walmart quit selling relion syringes

My Walmart quit selling Relion syringes -They do still offer BD's for 34 bucks a box
Anyone else have this problem or is it just my Wallyworld ?
I don't need a perscription in this state to purchase them any one know of a good online place to get some U100 3/10 cc 29ga with 1/2 needles and 1/2 unit marks would be a bonus but not nessesary
Thanks all
My Pal of 12 years 83.5 lbs Spayed Lab Mix Coco (Coke) Diagnosed 7/24/17--22 units (Relion)Novolin N twice a day.Feeding 1cup Whole Earth (grain free) Kibble/ 7oz's Vital Beef/BisonRaw/ 1 cube pumpkin and 1 cube black bean 2 X day
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