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That was a great article!! Sounds just like when we travel

Ali used to ride in a large travel pet carrier with the door left off (did this for years) but after our last trip home to IL she was so unsettled I took it apart, piled everything I could in it so stuff wouldn't fall on her and let her ride on her pillow. Makes it harder to pile all of our stuff into the nooks and crannys since the crate isn't holding it up but we made do.

This next move will be more challenging. Typically the car is packed to the ceiling with things we take with us instead of the movers. I think my car with be the "Ali car" and our things will be limited to whatever fits in Tim's truck.

We'll have to have 2 coolers with her type of food. One to keep very well frozen and one for more "fridge" temperature for thawing for next meal.

I think we have more gear for these pups of ours than we would for a small child!
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