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Default Vestibular Disease

Monty has been diabetic for over 2 yrs now, 8 units Vetsulin twice a day.
He has gone blind now, but he's able to get around the house and go outside.
But 2 wks ago I got home and he's not able stand up and walk. Took him to the vet as he also has an infection in his paw. We got some antibiotics for his paw, but still he wasn't able to walk on his own for a few days, then when he started to walk he was walking in circles. Vet thinks he may have Vestibular disease (or old dog syndrome). He is eating now, not drinking much, blood sugar is under control after a week, but he's still walking in circles, its been 2 wks now. Has anyone else had experience with Vestibular disease in a diabetic blind dog. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will recover soon.
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