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Default Re: Vestibular Disease

Jesse i believe had vestibular disease early in her diabetic career . it happened after we went for a run she came back with her head tilted to one side and kept shaking it which made walking a bit difficult . She did not walk in circles . She recovered after about a week . She also got crooked tail a bit after that where her tail was bent halfway down .She also had epilepsy so I am sure it was neurological in nature but it all cleared up over time on its own

Dogs we have seen on he forum with circling pointed to some type of neurological issue . Which is difficult to identify . I guess an ear infection could have an affect . We also have seen dogs that went blind that began to circle . whether that was do to the blindness we cant be sure .
Jesse-26 lbs - 16 years old ,10.5 years diabetic, one meal a day homemade and a vitabone snack . 3 shots of Novolin a day . Total insulin for a 24 hour period is 6.5 units of NPH insulin .
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