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Default Re: Vetsulin vs. Novolin N vs. Novolin 70/30

Bichons9, As to your question about the post meal spike, my dog basically spikes at 400 with type N insulin after 45mins of giving insulin, he is given insulin right when he finishes food which is usually 9pm. Referring to my libre data which are one minute samples, With the 70 30 the spike peaks at 260 after 45 min of giving insulin, he then goes down to 170 after 2 hours which is the first nadir, goes up to 210 at 3 hours and then comes down to 170 about 4.5 hours later which is nadir 2, then slowly climbs up to 240 after the 12 hour mark. Hopefully this makes sense.

As to efficacy of 70-30, I actually noticed an immediate difference the day I switched to it from N, however I was worried he would go hypoglycemic. I would strongly recommend you use the Libre to see how he responds with 70 30 unless your willing to take 30 minute samples with AT2 strips for the first few hours. Also the 70 30 is designed to be used with the U100 needles, as I see your using vetsulin which I think uses U40.

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