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Default Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis

As a new member, and after reading the info regarding ďthreads, I still wasnít sure how to acquire one so Iím jumping in here to start with. Iím hoping someone will read this and either direct or move me to where my mish-mash postings and questions appropriately belong and I will be able to easily find any responses or make postings on a regular basis.

Today, Annie is at the vet having a glucose curve run. As I mentioned somewhere else, I donít test at home for numerous reasons and I have many questions I know can be answered somewhere here.

Iím already a member of the k9Cushings group and they have been extremely helpful for that part of Annieís profile. Now Iím finding out just how much I DONíT know about diabetes and especially the nomenclature used in posting. Iím an old dog too and am a bit overly zealous regarding the health of my remaining pup. We will meet briefly with the doc when we pick her up later and Iím hoping that he will approve her for a dental and she is scheduled to have cataract removal surgery in May. With all this in front of me Iím pleading for some guidance on this site. It visually appears to operate the same way as the Cushings site, but in reality, it hasnít worked the same for me. I have posted a couple of places and have gotten some replies however, I have not had much luck returning to my previous spot because I canít find it. I am not in any way, shape or form trying to be negative or critical. Iím convinced itís probably ďoperator errorĒ on my part but I need your help with my dual diagnosis pup. Thank you in advance for your patience, guidance and learned words of wisdom. Blessings to all. Karen [/SIZE]
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