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Default Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis

Hi Karen <Waving!!!>

Iím a member here, too, and just saw your postings. Iím so glad you joined here at K9D! Iíll try to keep tabs on your thread here, as well as your thread on K9C, in case some additional Cushingís discussion comes up. In that vein, I noticed that another one of our ďdualĒ members, Judi, had added a reply to your original posting on the forum here. I donít know whether or not you had a chance to read her Cushingís comments, but hereís a link to your original posting. Once you click on it, youíll be able to scroll up (or down) to read all the replies that were posted to you there, including Judiís.

Iíll continue to watch for you on both forums!
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