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Default Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis

Hi back Marianne! How nice to see a virtual familiar name. We took Annie to the vet on Thursday for a curve. She has been on 6 units of Novolin for the past week. She started out at 379, bottomed out at 209 about 1:00 pm and her last draw at 5:00 pm was 262. Doc told me it was a great looking curve, just not low enough across the board so he upped her to 7 units.

Now we have a new problem, for the past two days, she has not wanted to eat her breakfast. She is on Glycobalance, one can a day divided between her two meals. Yesterday, I ended up sprinkling some ground up freeze dried chicken breast on top and this morning, I used just a little bit of baby food turkey in broth and she picked around at that for awhile and finally ate everything. I'm scared to death for tomorrow though because it's her Lyso med day. I feel a call to the vet coming on as I type.

I remember seeing some info here regarding loss of appetite, but my big fear is that she may be getting a bit too much Lyso and it has really suppressed her food drive. Annie has never missed a meal in her life, even after bouts of HGE.

I'm going to post this on the Cushing site as well. Take care. Karen
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