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Default Re: Crissy Ann's Long Road

Thank you so much for sharing Crissy Ann's journey with me. It gives me hope for Bella. There is so much info out there on Cushing's & diabetes. When I came across info on the web for the normal lifespan of a Cushing's dog.... 30 months, I totally lost it. Like Crissy, Bella also has been tested for both Cushing's & diabetes in the past with neg. results.

My cocker spaniel Beau had lost one eye to acute glaucoma & recently had his second eye removed for the same reason. We try to save his eyes for several years with drops, but knew as time progressed he could lose them both. Beau is 12 plus years. He was a foster baby that never left my house. Beau's previous life was horrific- severely abused. He came with a lot of baggage, behavioral wise & health wise. For a blind dog, he gets around great.

Between Bella & Beau, it's amazing we still have money to put food on the table. Worse case scenario, I can pawn family heirlooms to pay for the vet bills
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