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Default Re: Understanding Pepper's Juvenile Diabetes

Pepper is making great progress. She still struggles with eating, having a week of success followed by a week of tricking her into eating. Her blood sugar is running on the high end and we are still increasing regularly as we work to regulate it. Pepper still drinks lots of water and urinates all over the rug. Grrr! BUT, she is gaining weight!!!!, her coat is soft and smooth, and she PLAYS!!!! (tug-of-war and chase are her favorites) with the kids. (Sorry for the exclamation points. We are very excited.) The change we made recently was so simple but made a huge difference. She is fed an hour and a half later than before. Apparently, Pepper is not a morning person and would rather eat her first meal at 9:30 than 8:00am!!!! Man I wish she would have told me that weeks ago! What a difference 90 minutes has made for our baby girl! At 18 weeks 3 days, our Shepherd Mix is almost 11 pounds and we could not be happier!!!!
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