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Default Ollie's Over the Rainbow Bridge

Ollie passed away last night at about 7pm. We were with him the entire hour before he died, singing to him and caressing him. Our teen sons were home, but did not want to watch. Both boys said that at the time Ollie died, all the dogs in the neighborhood were howling or barking! They both independently noticed that, as they were both outside, but not together. He always was the King of the Hood.

His passing was peaceful, he was mostly out of it, his body trying to hold onto life. We are so glad we let him die at home. It was so much less stressful for all.

He is buried with some balls, frisbees, and his blue genie doll under the cottonwoods.

This seems like the end of an era, not only the end of Ollie. He's been with us almost the entire time the boys were growing up.

But as my son said, it's the start of a new one, too.

If anyone is considering letting their pet die naturally at home, this video was a godsend for us:

Many thanks and blessings to everyone here for all your support. Don't know what we would have done without you all.
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