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Default Here we go again!!!!!!!!

Hi all!!! Some of you may remember me as Princess Tiggys mom..... she passed one year ago after being a sugar baby for 8 years💜. Well I’m taking the ride again as my other little Chihuahua, Andie, was just diagnosed 😳. Yep, what are the chances of it happening again so quick?!?!

On this forum we always used the quote... everybody’s dogs are different... and I’m finding out first hand that is so true!! Testing was a breeze with Tig... Andie gave me a challenge from the get go!!! I can now test on the lip!!! Yay!!! No more rice sock in the microwave!🤣. I had to look at everyone’s testing sights on the main page... thank you Natalie!! to figure something out for my girl and the lip was it. And yes, feeding breakfast is just as big of a challenge as it was for Tiggy but we’re here for the long haul and I hope Andie will live a long and happy like as Tiggy did!!🐾💜

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