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Default Re: Daisy has Cushings and now diabetes

Craig is one of our moderators! And also the Meter Man...

Any time someone introduces faster acting insulin (R), I recommend starting small, which is easier to do in large doses than it is in small ones.

I see she was on 6.5 units. So I might start by replacing 1 unit of N with a unit of R. That would be the equivalent of 15% R and 85% N.

So just to be clear, you don't ADD the R. You replace the N with the R.

So if she's on 6.5 units of N, you would give 1.0 units of R and 5.5 units of N.

You could go with less than 1 unit... the measuring is challenging though and I think I would start with 1 full unit for ease and consistency of the amount and see how that goes.

Here are some instructions for drawing up the two insulins in one syringe:

YouTube Video


This is a full brochure by BD, looks like a good set of instructions.

Brief website

This is an interesting Insulin Administration guide that talks about which insulins can be mixed.