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Default Re: Advocate PetTest meter

Annie was so excited today, her new meter arrived!

Just did one blood test comparison between the AlphaTrak-2 and Advocate, and a test with both meters using the control solution that came with the Advocate (imitation blood?).

Real Annie blood, 4:00pm
AlphaTrak-2 = 123
Advocate. = 129

Second Annie test, 6:30pm
AlphaTrak-2 = 166
Advocate. = 157

Third Annie test, 6:30am
AlphaTrak-2 = 291
Advocate = 309

Advocate Control solution
AlphaTrak-2 = 77
Advocate = 86

Guess I now need to give Annie a big snack to get her blood glucose into the 300s and see if the two meters remain close to each other at higher numbers.

Annie was an 18 pound Lhasa Apso that crossed the rainbow bridge on 10-5-17. She was nearly 17 years old and diabetic for 9 years.
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