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Default Re: Advocate PetTest meter

Every now and then we have found that a dog and a specific brand of meter don't get on well. So if a second PetTest is no better, that could be the case.

The various brands of meters use slightly different methods for calculating the blood sugar and it seems some dogs' blood is different than others. Same for people. A few human diabetics I've known found that some brands of meters worked much better for them than others.

Keep in mind, too, all - every meter reading is a "calculation" - it's not a simple counting of glucose molecules in the sample. So AlphaTrak and all other meters ultimately are only estimating your dog's blood sugar.

I know in the early years of AlphaTrak, for example, some folks with diabetic cats found that the readings were too low. The companies run numerous tests of dogs' and cats' blood sugar to come up with the algorithm in the meter that calculates the blood sugar reading based on the sample. Great tool - so much better than anything we had before for cats and dogs - but still just a tool that estimates.

Which is fine - it's ranges and trends that matter, not individual readings.

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