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Default Re: Advocate PetTest meter

Originally Posted by MomofGus View Post
and it's much easier to get the blood onto the little test strip than the Alphatrak.
. I've only used my PetTest 4-5 times because I had a container of AlphaTrak strips that were about to reach the expiry date that I wanted to use. I posted the results earlier. Will start using the PetTest next week for more routine testing after using up these older AlphaTrak strips (will still have 2 fresh containers of AlphaTrak strips).

I actually dislike the size / shape of the PetTest meter (too "boxy"). The length of the test strip is very short, and only sticks out a little from the end of the meter. I find myself needing to twist my hand to get the test strip to the blood droplet. I'm sure I'll get use to the shape of the PetTest meter after a bit of use.

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