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Default Re: Advocate PetTest meter

Alright guys I am back.

So here is the update, if you remember I posted the meter was all over the map. Well, I think that meter was broken. I spoke with a rep at the company, funny the person who called me was a don p.epin. The irony, a man who was found guilty of millions in scamming on diabetic supplies within the same state shares the 'same name'. Anyway, that is not the point. He was very nice and helpful, he called me after hours since I could not accomodate a call while at work. He shipped the new meter, and the results are much better after several tests. So now I can offer my more accurate opinion of the product. First the test results:

A=Alphatrak, PT=Pet Test
A=81, PT=84
A=221, PT=234
A=108, PT=112
A=91, PT=99

I would say the results are nearly spot on, average variation was less than 5%. I'd say that is pretty good, you will also notice the pet test always comes in a few points higher (never lower so far).

As for the product itself, with the strips being 40-50% cheaper I'd say that will really help the wallet. As for the size, I agree this unit is much heavier and much bulkier. I am sure they will have a smaller revision of this unit in the future. The strips do take blood in easily, but feels like it requires slightly more than the alphatrak and freestyle strips. The counter is nice, but makes you wonder why is it always 5 seconds? Why does the alpha take longer? How does it decipher lower and longer in the same time frame? I guess who cares, right? I do find it more difficult to hold when taking the blood compared to the smaller units, I have messed up a couple of times but its just because I am used to the smaller unit. Also, not fond of the cheap feel of the button on the front. I feel its a pain, setting it up was not fun.

So overall, if I had to rate it on a 1-5 scale. I would give it a 4 out of 5. I think if a few more folks chime in, this unit is definitely front page worthy.

What I am curious to see:

1. How well the unit holds up with heavy use?
2. Will the strips hold in cost, or will they jump as popularity grows?
3. Will they create a more user friendly version that is lighter?
4. Will they provide the free software to go with this unit, as promised.
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