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Default Re: Warning: Risk of Deafness from Ear Medications

Jesse girl
thanks for the reply. i just discovered it. i know it's been many months. I have thought about the plane ride combining with the medication to damage my dog's hearing. They washed the stuff out of his ears at the vet.

He is still not hearing functionally. He can hear if i shout really loud. When i do it outside, at first he acts like he doest hear, probably to him it sounds like far away background noise. And when he does hear, even though i'm must feet away from him, behind him, he doesn't know where the sound is coming from.

he can't respond to verbal commands, the most important being come and stay. Stay can be given as a hand signal. But come is needed when he is running away with his back to me and he does not hear it at all. He was very responsive and obedient to 'come,' he would stop in his tracks and run back to me. Now, he appears to be a disobedient dog, but he just can't hear. He's at risk because of that, when he manages to slip outside unauthorized.

He's very cooperative and loves to please. It's so sad. I grieve every day. What i have lost is, what we have both lost, is me being able to talk to him. And him being able to enjoy and be stimulated by sounds. i live alone with him, and he was the only person i could talk to and i got a lot of pleasure and comfort from that. It's gone now. He can't hear me. He liked being talked to, he was comforted and enjoyed praise and obeyed commands and was reassured if i was leaving him temporarily.

He loved to run and bark at the doorbell, things like that. Now, he doesn't hear the doorbell. He used to run and bark at the door when a door bell would ring on the TV. This kind of thing stimulated him to be active. He would always wake from sleep if i got out of my chair and went anywhere and he would follow me. I know it doesn't sound like much but compared to how passive and inactive he is now, it was much more healthy for him, for his circulation and his joints and all those things that benefit from activity and movement. When we are out on daily walks, if another dog on the other side of the street is barking at him, as dogs sometimes do, he doesn't hear them, he doesn't know a dog is there. His experience has become so much more limited, things he used love are gone for him. I'm heartsick.

I was googling about what can done, to see if there could be any kind of treatment for lost hearing in a dog, depending on the cause. I learned that there are hearing aids for dogs. Only certain dogs are suitable candidates, some won't tolerate having something in their ear, and there is a training of both the dog and owner involved. I am in the process of trying to learn more about this. I want to find a dog hearing specialist in the area where i live, Los Angeles, but so far, from googling, i can't find anything. The only place i can find that specializes in this, in hearing aids for dogs and in testing and assessing hearing issues in dogs and other animals, is at the University of Cincinnati, it's called FETCHLab, Dr Scheifele, he's an MD with 30 years of experience in animal bio-acoustics. There's a full staff of audiologists and other experts, and they do a very in depth and advanced assessment. I'm not sure what that means, i put in a call to them yesterday, to try to find out more information and if it's realistic to look into this solution for Zack. I'm hoping they know of someone in my area that has experience and interest in this.

I learned there are also cochlear implants for dogs. Both of these treatments for deafness are expensive, but i don't have any recent information on that. I would really be happy if there as a way to help Zack have improved hearing. So i have to look into this. He has health insurance with good coverage--he can get up to $6000 for each disease category and he hasn't used any ENT coverage. i only have to pay a $100 deductible, but i have to pay up front and get reimbursed.
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