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Default Re: Warning: Risk of Deafness from Ear Medications

Originally Posted by amholmesy View Post
Just saw the posts about otomax- CJ was on it and he’s gone deaf. I just thought it was old age but obviously not . I will tell my vets- not much help to CJ now but at least other owners know now and can use something else.
Scooter is also deaf although it has not been much of an issue.

He was on Otomax for an ear infection a few years ago. The hearing was fine after that but another infection came up earlier this year, prior to the diabetes. I had seen the warnings about Otomax and brought it up at the vet (not our regular vet) visit. I asked for something else. Her reply was "there is nothing else" and conceded she was aware of the deafness issue for some dogs. I took the Otomax but used it for only a few days. Whether that was the cause of Scooter's deafness or just another issue of the diabetes, I cannot say.

Zymox, sold without a script, may help to prevent bacterial infections but I'm not convinced it will do much once there is one. The trick is to keep their ears clean and dry. Not getting water inside while bathing helps a great deal.

Ear infections can be serious so early treatment is recommended and that means getting to the vet and clearing it up with no delay.

Back to life with deafness... I use eye contact and hand signals and we get by just fine. Most dogs will interpret our body actions quickly and respond as if they could still hear us. It was a while before I realized he did not hear me at all.

Scooter always did have a habit of not paying attention to me unless he wanted something : )

It's not the end of the world. I'm more concerned about him losing his vision so keeping his levels under that dreaded # of 250 is my main goal, now.
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