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Default Lucy, our rescued cattle dog, is an angel... April 21, 2014

Although I'm hoping they can be convinced to keep her with some help getting the treatment down to a smaller expense and possibly some donations of insulin and syringes...

please help! Lucy our 7 year old australian cattle dog has diabetes and we cannot afford to pay for her necessary care. She is the ultimate with kids, adults, everyone and everything. She loves to love and be loved, always ther with kisses and she thinks that your lap is the best place in tyhe world. she recieves 2 shots a day of insulin and has to be on a high protien diet. I have purchased her enough meds to last 1 month, then we will have no choice but to put her down. plesase help if you can she will make anyone the best dog ever, seriously, ever. i will post pics this evening.
I've emailed the poster suggesting keeping Lucy and finding some financial assistance and am hoping that they come here so we can help.

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