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Default Supersweet Ruby - 7 years with Diabetes

It is so vital to have support and Thank you to all on this forum for being there, especially when Ruby was first diagnosed! Ruby passed over at age 13 but I wanted everyone to know she was on insulin for SEVEN YEARS! At first it was a struggle, and we all cried, but later she adjusted so well and would "report to the kitchen" for her insulin. She was an ambassador for Doggy Diabetes, everyone knew about her, she was quite famous, and people were quite surprised that dogs can get diabetes and would learn a lot from her. As she lost her vision over the years, she had to learn new words, up, down, stairs, curb, go around, etc and knew her house and the neighborhood like the back of her hand. She even raised a baby kitten! She had a good, full life, and kicked diabetes in the ass. I thank Ruby for the love she so freely gave us, we loved her more than words can express. Ruby was a Good Girl.
Steph & Ruby - Red Min Pin, Age 13, Diabetes Diagnosed July 2012, On 4u Caninsulin twice a day, weight 4.5 kilos, struggles with IBD and Pancreatitis occassionally, food Royal Canine Gastro low fat, loves fruits & veggies, hobbies: Perimeter Security, Sleeping in blankets, car rides, walks, hiding and burying beanie babies.
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