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Default Jenny Diabetic & Cushings Poodle is an Angel...

My poodle Jenny was diagnosed 3 weeks ago, in January she tested negative. Her blood sugar has consistently stayed in the 400-500 range.

My vet wants me to keep her on the Hills W/D. I asked him about the Blue Buffalo or an Ultra food I was referred to and he told me too much protein could make her kidneys shut down.

Right now she eats the w/d so we are back on it. I have been varying her food since I had purchased a bunch of others to try. I think this has contributed to her insulin not doing the job. We are currently at 3 units twice a day.

has anyone else ever heard that too much protein can make their kidneys shut down? I'm gonna stick with the w/d for her. My other poodle hates all of the canned food. He is not diabetic but getting him to eat when she is has been a challenge. We can't leave it out or she will eat it all then puke and i worry about low blood sugar if she pukes it all up.

sorry about the long first post. Judi
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