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Arrow Re: Diabetic Veterinary Diets: Which Do/Have You Used?

I've heard too that too much protein in a food can affect the kidneys. Some sites say that's not so - selling their own stuff! (But that's the Champion pet foods site, that sells Orijen and Acana - grain-free, very high in protein - and fat, too; not suitable for diabetic dogs).

It certainly would be good if you can get your other poodle to eat at the same time as the diabetic one. I used to separate my two dogs, feeding each in their crates, one with the door tied open; then I wouldn't let the second one out till the other had finished eating.

Dogs usually can adjust to changed feeding times, if you keep working on it; picking up the food, and not offering more till the next meal-time often does the job, and for a Poodle who isn't diabetic, that would probably be a harmless thing to do.

Around here, we love long posts - yours is short; haha! - reason: the more information, the better! If you wouldn't mind answering a few questions, that would help us help you. For instance:

1) How old is Jenny?
2) Is she spayed?
3) How much does Jenny weigh?
4) What times of day do you feed Jenny (and how often)?
5) Do you feed her any snacks?
6) What kind of insulin are you giving Jenny? (I note, 3 units)
7) How many times a day do you inject the insulin?

The common protocol is to feed twice a day, and give insulin very shortly afterwards.

If you read around the forum, you'll see that the diabetic dogs here are on a wide variety of foods. It seems usually, the insulin dose gets tweaked first, starting low and going slow, so as not to overshoot the correct dose for the dog. Once the BG (Blood Glucose) levels seem close to working well, then the food gets tweaked, to make fine adjustments.

Making one change at a time helps us figure out just what is affecting the BG levels.

It's early days in the diagnosis, and I'll bet you and Jenny will do very well! Likely, your other Poodle will adapt also. (I LOVED having two dogs, but now can only manage one.)

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