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Default Re: Diabetic Veterinary Diets: Which Do/Have You Used?

Hi Carol & Harry's Mom: thanks for your replies.

Harry's Mom: My Jenny has high liver levels and takes hormones for her incontinence but has never had kidney disease. I think the vet is just being careful since she seems to be falling apart. He also believes that Hills is the gold standard and is loyal to them (and sells them). I'm going to tough it out for a couple more weeks.

I really hope taking the food away from my other dog early works. He is the most persistent whiner around but he needs to lose some weight. I'm hoping we can keep him from becoming diabetic

Carol:Until I started reading around here I didn't realize there is so much I don't know.

1) How old is Jenny? Jenny is 11 this month
2) Is she spayed? yes, she is spayed
3) How much does Jenny weigh? She weighs 8 pounds, she had been 9.5 lost since diagnosis. they say this is a good weight for her but if she got a little lighter they'd be happier.
4) What times of day do you feed Jenny (and how often)? I feed her at 6 am and 6 pm and give the insulin then
5) Do you feed her any snacks? We've always given our dogs the freeze dried liver treats. I cut each one into 3 pieces but haven't been able to take that away from her. She is a foodie
6) What kind of insulin are you giving Jenny? (I note, 3 units) The Humulin N Insulin right after she eats. I try to wait 5 to 10 minutes now that she is up to 3 units
7) How many times a day do you inject the insulin? twice a day

I'm kind of gobsmacked that her levels didn't change at all. My vet is going to call me Thursday. For her to go from 110 in January to holding steady in the 500 and 600's while we are increasing the insulin is mind boggling.

I got a new bottle of insulin from Wal Mart tonight since I had dropped the last bottle twice and wondered if I had disturbed it too much.

I asked the vet tech if many of their patients check blood glucose at home and she said none. Today was our 3rd blood glucose curve at the vets in 4 weeks. The vet said there was no curve, 550 in the morning, holding in the 500's, 625 this afternoon. They let me pick her up early.

I'm so happy to have found this forum. Anything I can do to get her blood sugars settled so we have a chance at saving her eyesight would be a blessing.

Thanks again, Judi
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