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Arrow Re: Diabetic Veterinary Diets: Which Do/Have You Used?

Jenny SHOULD be okay on the WD, or the Blue Buffalo Weight Control - either one. Thanks for answering those questions. Everything seems to me well in order, except, of course, that Jenny is running rather high BG levels. We'll be wanting to keep our eyes on that. I suppose there's a CHANCE she drops to low levels sometime in the day or night, setting her off into Somogyi rebound, for which I can't immediately provide a link, but somebody here can.

Dr. Somogyi discovered that when BG levels drop too far, or too fast, the liver dumps glucose (and various hormones) into the bloodstream, in an effort to save the body from hypoglycemia - sending into hyPERglycemia instead, and the cycle repeats.

When this occurs, the solution is to LOWER, rather than to raise, the insulin dose. Three units is on the high side for an 8-pound dog - it's over a third of a unit per pound of dog. That's fine for some dogs, though in general, it has to be worked up to, because the dog's body requires time to get accustomed to handling injected insulin.

If you can test a few times, say every half hour - around the time you think Jenny is lowest in BG levels, you MIGHT catch a low in there somewhere. I do avoid testing too much, when possible, because no matter how cooperative the dog is, it's a stress on the dog.

But it might be worth identifying Jenny's nadir time (approximate; it can vary day to day, too).

The dried liver snacks are probably okay, but can make it difficult to assess BG levels! Since the dried liver keeps well, could you try using eensy bits of boiled chicken breast (skinless), or even steamed broccoli florets, or some other veggie, instead? That might help you when trying to determine changes to BG levels.

Good for you for learning to test Jenny's levels yourself. I think there's no more useful tool to help us with diabetic dogs!

Jenny wasn't diagnosed as diabetic in January, was she? A level of 110 would be normal, then.

Keep up the good work; we'll be with you!

Tue, 14 Jun 2011 18:18:45 (PDT)
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