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Default Re: Diabetic Veterinary Diets: Which Do/Have You Used?

there may be some rebounding going on as carrol suggested

when you take you dog to the vet the event may have already happened and your stuck in high numbers for a couple days

what I saw with my jesse was she would go low for a day then be wildly high for 2 days and then start the cycle again if you tested on the day she was high it would give the appearance that she needed more insulin but it was the opposite she needed less

my jesse went from 16 units a day of insulin to about 4.5 a day

we just kept giving her more and more

until we started testing on a regular bases we probably would have never figured it out just going to the vets every couple weeks would have made it a crap shoot and you dont test at night so you have no clue whats going on at that time I wonder what a doctor would say to a humane diabetic dont home test youll be ok I dont know any humane diabetics that dont test our dogs should have the same advantage

home testing is the best path to regulation and keeping your friend safe
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