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Default Newly Diagnosed

I am in serious need of advice.
My 13 year old fur baby Westie was diagnosed with diabetes about 8 weeks ago and itís been a struggle. Heís had Ketoacidosis (DKA) twice already with two lots of 5 day stays in the hospital. He already had cataracts and has now gone totally blind. Itís heartbreaking. I suspect he has had this for longer and they missed it last year. The vet was confused as to why the fast acting insulin they use during DKA didnít work on him quickly and they say he is sporadically insulin resistant.
I have paid for every possible test. He doesnít have a thyroid issue, no tumours, no abdominal problems, no cushings.. just slight elevated kidney readings.

His glucose just never seems to be regulated. Each week is different and they have changed his dosage about 3 times already.

This evening we did his glucose and ketone urine stick and the ketone was a colour on the stick that isnít even on the chart. Is this normal?

Iím in the UK and our vet wonít allow us to blood test at home and so we only have the pee sticks.

Any advice on what I can do to help with a) regulating him and b) his blindness. Will he adapt? He seems lost and sad these past few days.

Any advice would be amazing!
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