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No one can prevent you from testing your dog's blood sugar at home. Just go get a human meter - best bet on brand is a OneTouch if you have those handy there - and do it.

The OneTouch models tend to work well with dogs - will read the blood sugar a bit lower than it actually is but close enough that you can use it to make decisions and it's fairly inexpensive to use. We used one the entire time our dog was diabetic.

How much does you dog weigh?

What dose of Caninsulin is he being given?

Is he on two injections a day?

He absolutely should be on two injections a day but the UK and Canada have been holding on to the original advice of starting once a day.

If your dog is on only one injection a day, that could be a big part of the problem.

Let us know so we can sort out whether he's being given enough insulin.

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