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Default Re: Levi - new thread

Originally Posted by gudgirlgonebiker View Post
We cant afford the cost of dog insulin and the vet suggested Lantus. They didnt seem to know too much about any other insulin. I have no idea how to post his curve here. He weighs 71 pounds. He will be 13 in april /19. Hes a smooth coated border/retriever cross. It wont let me upload a photo.
Hi and welcome to you and Levi.

Don’t worry about uploading his 12 hour curve. You can just key it in. Starting at fasting, with a BG reading every 2 hours, it would look something like this:

7am - BG Reading
9am -
11am -
1pm -
3pm -
5pm -
7pm -

With cost being an issue and considering that you are diabetic and already using Lantus, I would think it’s ok to give ite a try. A couple of our members have given it to their dogs with mixed results. It’s mainly used for cats. However, the AAHA considers it an option for dogs, with a starting dose of .3 units per kg.

With Levi weighing 71lbs or 32kg, his starting dose should have been around 9 units of Lantus every 12 hours.

Not sure if Canadian Wal Marts sell Novolin N, an NPH insulin, but in the USA it’s $25 per vial.

Keep in mind that diabetic dogs are type 1 diabetics. Their pancreas no longer produces insulin. It’s best to feed them a low fat, moderate protein, moderate fiber diet every 12 hours, followed by their insulin.

Lily is a 62 lb English Setter, born 07-27-2007.
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