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Default Re: Levi - new thread

Many vets arenít very experienced with diabetes - unfortunately that is pretty common, but you can read some of the general information in the first sections of the forum. NPH is an intermediate acting insulin and dogs seem to do better on it.
These two sections have some informational threads that discuss various topics that might be helpful:

Does Levi have any skin tags or wart like bumps? These usually give great blood and no nerve endings. Your lancet may not be thick enough - dog skin is tougher.

Also, a raw diet can be tricky. The fat level can be too high if the meat is not lean enough. And there needs to be a carb component. If the protein is too high, the insulin is too active and gets used up too fast, leaving the blood sugar high for most of the day. You donít have to do kibble at all - just make sure the diet is lower fat, moderate protein and moderate fiber. Pancreatitis also can be a problem for diabetic dogs so low fat is important.

I would encourage you to investigate and learn as much as you can to manage his diabetes at home. When it comes down to it, you know your dog best and you are fully capable of learning all you need to know to manage your dog day to day. I had to do this because my original vet was not knowledgeable or experienced with diabetes. I almost lost Maggie because of it. I just decided I would learn all I could and I had no experience with diabetes or medical issues to speak of. We are always here to help with questions or concerns too, so please post any questions or comments. We can help you with most any situation.
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