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Default Re: New member Snowball

Testing her blood sugar at home would be the best approach. Go to and you can see various places to test and how people collected the blood sample, which is quite small.

Though many vets use the ear, that's not usually the best place to test dogs.

If you don't have the results of the vets' blood sugar checks and curves, please obtain and copy and post the information here.

It's possible that the blood sugar is swinging through a large range from highest to lowest and she could have both too high blood sugar and too low blood sugar every day.

A few dogs also are allergic to NPH, which I'm sure is what you're using (Relion N) - that could be making her very tired and sluggish.

But I'd like to see her blood sugar readings first before going there.

Did she have a full blood panel when she was diagnosed?

If so, any abnormal readings besides her blood sugar?

How much does she weight?

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