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Default Re: when do you decide to get another dog?

Iíve lost two pets and it doesnít get any easier..
Each pet you have will have a different story and will leave a huge impact to your heart.
My cat passed when she was 14. She was our first pet that I had since I was 10 years old. When I was a child I took care of stray cats that were abandoned by my drugged up neighbors. I used my 5$ a week allowance to buy a box of cat food once a week for the parents called the spca without telling me and when I came home from school one day they were all taken away..I cried and cried for days. My parents felt so bad realizing that I loved animals so they got me that cat..she was going to get put down with the rest of her brothers and sisters..I wanted to save them all..but we could only save one... When we had to put her down I cried and couldnít eat for days. I still think about her and have her pictures up..

My dog Oscar was ran over by a car when he was only 4 years old...he was brought home from my sister. He was best friends with Krunky(they were the same age and he would be turning 14 this year as well). My dad always walked them without a leash because they were really obiedient. But Oscar was so small..and he was only a few steps behind my dad while crossing the street and a car ran him over...he was gone before I could get there from work. My dad went crazy and I couldnít eat for weeks. I went on a long trip a couple weeks after and during my trip I decided to get Mochi..(my now diabetic white Pom and the reason why Iím in this forum). I bought him a couple months after Oscars passing so krunky wouldnít be depressed and will have a new friend but he wanted nothing to do with mochi because of the 5 year age gap..

It is soooo painful to lose a pet because theyíre like family. But I must say I think the bond I have with Mochi(my diabetic) is so strong that it will tear me into pieces if I lose him. I cry thinking about it...
Sorry for writing such a long response..your questions just really got me reminiscing...getting a new pet is always up to you and whether or not youíre ready. Some people canít handle the pain of losing their pets so they donít get another one ever again. But I would definitely adopt and keep adopting...
Mochi is a 11 year old Pomeranian. Weighing 11-12 lbs
Diagnosed with diabetes February 2016
Had cataract surgery June 2016.
On 5 units of HumilinN
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