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Default Re: when do you decide to get another dog?

It has been a little over a month since I lost my Gus. The urge to get another dog was there right away because I just had a void, and I still have the huge void. We have gone from 3 dogs to 1 dog in the last 6 months. I never dreamed I would lose my 2 schnauzers 6 months apart. They were "my" dogs, and our big dog is more my husband's dog. However, I'm trying very hard not to rush into it. I keep watching rescue sites to adopt. There was a beautiful 6 yr old schnauzer available, 2 weeks after my boy died, but something held me back from going to look at her. I decided it was just too soon, and have since decided against another schnauzer even though I love the breed and have had 4 in total. Too many predisposed health issues. So, when the time is right and I feel the right one has come along, I will adopt. One thing for us to consider is our age. I just turned 65, so, is it wise to get a puppy? I'm not sure I am up for the training part. After the ridgid routine of the diabetes for almost 3 years, I am beginning to be able to feel a little more freedom. And, then the guilt sets in. We sure have a different routine now since his passing. Our one big dog is 10, and he's not been very socialized. So, getting another dog is questionable in his accepting one, especially a puppy. I am taking him to a trainer next week to have him "evaluated" in that regard and see if I'm even getting my hopes up of even having another dog.
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