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Default Re: when do you decide to get another dog?

My mom and her little chihuahua, Louie, lived with me since Louie was about 2. When my mom passed away in 2014, it was me and Louie and we were both grieving horribly. In 2016 at the age of 16, Louie suddenly stopped eating and was throwing up blood. I took him to the vet and it was time. I swore I would never get another dog. It was just too much heartbreak.

Six months later the grandkids wanted a dog. I told them no. No puppies, no chewing, NO! Please can they have a dog. An older dog that won't chew. One of the doctors at the hospital needed to re-home his dog. She's 7 years old, housebroken and trained. Can we?? Please? Her name is Daisy. I finally caved in but I wasn't taking care of the dog. I didn't want a dog.

I came home from a trip, walked in the house and here's this adorable chubby little mini schnauzer. She barked at me and I sat on the floor and our eyes met. We connected immediately. It was the strangest thing. I said "You must be Daisy." I petted her then got my luggage out of the car and went in my bedroom to unpack. She followed me in my bedroom. It was late so I got ready for bed, Daisy went out in the living room and I shut my door.

About a half hour later the kids open my bedroom door and in comes Daisy. She's staring at me. I asked my daughter why isn't Daisy sleeping with the kids? Her reply was "because she's been standing at your door for 20 minutes." I looked at Daisy and said "Do you want up here?" She jumped on my bed and we've been joined at the hip ever since.

So much for not wanting another dog.
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