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Default Re: when do you decide to get another dog?

but its doable without pain! yay! i'm happy to hear this. I never had my own dog die, this is new to me. our other dog Tink is 13 also, I dont know if I should wait till she's gone either. i dont think she'd be ok with it? right now she's still miserable so i wouldnt push it.

i couldnt even think about it now, the pain is so deep, my heart hurts. I "see and hear" him everywhere. last night i fell asleep on the couch, totally thinking he was here, i forgot. i woke up expecting him to be next to me, it all came back when i opened my eyes.

i am getting used to the new routine. its nice not waking up at 5 and making his breakfast, hiding pills, sneaking in a shot,explaining i need coffee before i can do anything as if he should know better. or checking him in the middle of the night to make sure he's breathing. i'd take any of that back again though!
born 2005, adopted 2008. died 3-30-18
i imagine his life flashing before his eyes yelling "I HAVE NO REGRETS!"
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