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Default Re: Newly Diagnosed

Hi and welcome! Sounds like you're making good progress fairly early on.

I also concur that Novolin N is fine, been using it for a year now and the consensus seems to be that Walmart is the best bet price-wise as well as the place to purchase the ReliOn syringes. I don't know how I could otherwise afford it.
Toby, 9 yr old pure Cairn Terrier, loss of vision both eyes, 18 lbs, diabetes diagnosis 4/27/16. Eats 3/4 can Purina OM 2x with 7u of Novolin, also has Purina Lite Snackers mid-day. Receives 1 drop 2x a day of Flurbiprofin, NexPolyDex and Cyclosporin eyedrops to keep eye pressures stable.
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