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Default Testing after regulation

Hi everyone,
Mollies' insulin has been increased to 5 units 2X a day but has been showing steady improvement since the original diagnosis. In general once the dog shows a few weeks of being within the normal parameters how frequently do you test or perform a curve test?
On another subject how does one get a photograph to show? I have uploaded the picture, withing the size limits it shows in the profile but not when I post.
Miss Mollie, rescue pup, Malti-Poo, 12 years old, 10 pounds, diagnosed on 4/3/2017
She is eating Hills w/d, kibble 1/4 c green beans, 1 tbsp Pumpkin 2X a day, insulin is Novolin currently at 6 units 2X a day
Using AlphaTrack2 for home testing
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