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Default Our sweet Vinny is an angel, July 27, 2018

I thought I should introduce us since I've already started asking questions...mostly in my head, but some online!

I'm Mel and Vinny is the first lab we ever rescued. That was not quite 7 years ago when I had no time for a puppy in my Mom was dying and even after she did, I didn't have the patience for this pup my husband and daughter had talked me into. I called him Monster from the first pair of shoes he chewed up to the table to the get the idea. I was told so often that lab's took some time to grow up...I needed time too.

I read Marley and Me on an airplane...geez, you'd think there would be some kind of warning on books like that. "Don't read in crowded places unless you want to become a sniveling fool in front of total strangers." Yea, reading that book made me realize what a total jerk I had been to a puppy/now dog that had no idea why I was mad at it...I was mad I lost my Mom, not at Monster (by now, all of us were calling him that ). So, Monster/Vinny and I developed a new relationship. He is definitely 'Daddy's Dog', but when he wants something, it's me he comes to!

Fast forward to last week...Vinny could not get enough water. He has always gone through a lot of water, but last week was different. Then he either woke me up in the middle of the night or had an accident! Unheard of since he was a pup. We were going away last weekend and boarding the dogs, so I decided he needed to see our vet first...just to make sure. John took him on Friday the 21st and was told...diabetes. Vinny was taken off his food and dog treats, everything, and put on a Rx food until Tuesday when he would have another blood test. Tuesday, our vet gave John Vetsulin and a bunch of syringes and now we're supposed to take Vinny back on the 3rd.

John doesn't ask a lot of questions...that's where I come in. I tend to be on the research side of our marriage when it comes to things like this. Unfortunately, the more I find out about this, the more I know I don't know. I've seen other's write about how overwhelming it is and boy are they right. Sometimes you don't what questions to ask...but lets start with...

Treats? What and when? The vet took Vinny off everything but the food and he acts like he's starving!
Vetsulin? I've read that it was taken off the market...what were the reasons and why is it ok now?
Food? I appreciate the fact that no one should say anything negative about someone's choices, but John didn't feel he had a choice. Since I've been reading your forum, it appears that is not the case.
Exercise? Our younger dog wants nothing more than to play with Vinny. Good, bad or doesn't matter? I'm thinking doesn't matter, but what if it involves chasing each other around our back yard?

I guess I've hit the biggest questions right now...unless you can think of something I should have asked!

Thanks, Mel
Mel: My monster is Vinny! He's a black lab, diagnosed with diabetes June 21, 2013. His birthdate was celebrated the last weekend of May. He left this world on July 27, 2018, he was 12 years old.
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