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Default Re: My Monster Vinny

hi and welcome to both of you

sounds like you are moving in a positive direction to this challenge .

it really is amazing how each individual dog parent finds a direction to get there pup to a better place and you will to.

yes vetsulin is back and more than likely for most vets it may become the standard insulin for dogs as it was in the past . i think in the past they had some consistency problems and there was some complaints but i believe the problem was not the insulin itself but the individual dog and how they responded to it .

you would see this with all insulin's used for dogs where a percentage of them are problematic whether its a reaction to the insulin added challenges outside of diabetes hard to say .

most of the dogs in the states who were diagnosed before the last few months are on nph insulin a humane insulin not really designed for dogs but many have had good success .

it is a big change food treats routine and exercise will have to be changed. a new normal begins they can have a happy healthy enjoyable lives with longevity . for us being more proactive is how we approached jesse diabetes getting a meter in the first week and started home testing immediately best thing we did to keep her safe .

exercise can have a big impact on blood sugar with insulin being active it can drop quite a bit for some dogs and rise quite a bit with insulin fading . spontaneous exercise can be a problem but its hard to prevent a dog from being a dog but you might want to not let it occur for extended periods of time it . if you decide to home test you will be able to see what your pup can and cant do

it appears schedule and structure is important for the body to adapt to the new reality the thing about this in general dogs enjoy structure they are most happy in this state because they know what to expect . in a funny way diabetes was good for jesse she enjoys the structure which she did not have before
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