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Default Re: My Monster Vinny

Originally Posted by Monsters Momma View Post
Sometimes you don't what questions to ask...but lets start with...

Treats? What and when? The vet took Vinny off everything but the food and he acts like he's starving!
Vetsulin? I've read that it was taken off the market...what were the reasons and why is it ok now?
Food? I appreciate the fact that no one should say anything negative about someone's choices, but John didn't feel he had a choice. Since I've been reading your forum, it appears that is not the case.
Exercise? Our younger dog wants nothing more than to play with Vinny. Good, bad or doesn't matter? I'm thinking doesn't matter, but what if it involves chasing each other around our back yard?

I guess I've hit the biggest questions right now...unless you can think of something I should have asked!

Thanks, Mel
Welcome to the forum! Nice introduction

I'm going to talk about your questions out of order.

Food: 1) has to be something Vinny will eat. Because insulin & food work together you will have a hard time if he refuses to eat. 2) Diabetic formulas often work well, but many dogs don't like the taste, see number 1 above. 3) Some diabetic formulas require LARGE portions because they are very high in fiber (fiber is good), but the meals may be too much for some pups to finish. See number 1 above. Which of the foods are you feeding, and is Vinny eating the entire meal at one "go"?

Insulin: Yes, Vetsulin had been removed from sale in the U.S., but it remained for sale in the rest of the world under the name Caninsulin. Many dogs did well on Vetsulin and didn't have any problems. I don't really recall the official reason it was withdrawn, but it seems to have passed the required tests to get back on the market. The only problem I have (I'm no expert, just a Dad to a diabetic pup) with Vetsulin is the cost. It seems many vet clinics are selling Vetsulin for around $60 for a vial that contains 400 units of insulin. Many of us are using a human insulin (Novolin-N) from Walmart for $25 for 1000 units of insulin. Just using 10 units per injection as an example (20 units per day): the 400 unit vial of Vetsulin would last 20 days, whereas the 1000 unit vial of Novolin-N would last 50 days. So in this example, the pup would require 2 vials of Vetsulin (about $120) to last about as long as one $25 vial of Novolin-N. Of course price isn't everything. If I knew my Annie would do better on Vetsulin I'd switch back, but Annie is doing well on Novolin-N so we will stay with Novolin-N. If cost is a problem, you might mention this to your vet next appointment. Hard decision

Hard to tell about exercise and treats without home blood testing. Every dog is different and some might get a big drop from an easy walk, while others might be able to go for a longer run without trouble. Same with treats, some will get a huge glucose spike from a Milkbone, others not so much.. Please consider home blood testing.

How much does Vinny weigh? What is he eating? What insulin dosage is he using?

Annie was an 18 pound Lhasa Apso that crossed the rainbow bridge on 10-5-17. She was nearly 17 years old and diabetic for 9 years.
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