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Default Re: My Monster Vinny

Originally Posted by Monsters Momma View Post
Thanks for the responses! I am definitely thinking we need to start home testing. Between food and exercise...and the laying around he does, I just think it would be good. I think I read on another thread that I can get a BG tester at Walmart. I'll have to look for that again! And look for those video's I saw...I wouldn't know where to begin on all of this if it wasn't for this forum!
I just finished writing a post on another thread and thought I'd just copy it here since you both were asking the same general questions about home testing.

I'm one of the few who test on the ear, a few others test elsewhere on the body. I think if you Google "diabetic dog blood testing: you might come up with a few videos. Here is a link to the AlphaTrak2 meter with lots of good info and videos. Keep in mind they are trying to sell their meter, but the general info is still valid:

I generally use the Walmart Prime for routine testing because of the low cost test strips. The Relion Confirm meter is lower cost, but the test strips are more expensive. Just keep in mind that your readings are going to be lower than true because these were designed for human blood which is different than dog blood. Even though human meters generally read lower than true, you will still see "trends", and how your pup reacts to exercise, food, stress, etc. I think the Prime is a good starter meter, you can always add another meter later, like possibly the AlphaTrak2.

In addition to the meter and test strips you will only need lancets. Many think the 30-33 gauge are too thin and it might be difficult to get a blood droplet from the pup. My Walmart does sell 26 gauge lancets Lancets are pretty inexpensive, so if your Walmart doesn't stock them, you probably would find them elsewhere.

A lancet tool (clicker) isn't necessary. I went years just holding the plain lancet in my fingers and poking! I tried the lancing tool that came with one of my meters and have been using it for awhile now, but it isn't required. In fact, I think I got a better (bigger) blood droplet without the tool. There are several styles of lancets / tools, most are interchangeable I would read the fine print on the box, or ask the pharmacist.


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