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Default Re: Snickers' story

What a lovely first post!!! And I'm glad you put it in the Stories section as it's a great testament to these dogs' ability to persevere and defy the odds and predictions.

For whatever reason, a lot of dogs don't like to eat in the morning. If it is just too much of a pain to manage, you can give insulin using a different regimen where she would get a small dose of insulin and no food at breakfast - 1/4-1/2 or so of the normal dose - and then a large dose and her full day's calories at dinner time - probably more than she now gets at dinner because she would eat more food at that meal.

Since you're home testing you can work on something like this.

Or, you can offer her breakfast and if she eats give insulin as normal and if she doesn't, give her a small dose.

Only about 1/2 of the insulin given goes to the meal. The rest maintains their basal blood sugar level. So they can have some insulin with no food on board.

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