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Default Ollie's journey

Our dog Ollie was diagnosed with diabetes a month ago. He's a 66 lb lab mix. Our vet started him out on 10 units Novolin.

We wasted time with the first bottle by not handling it properly, so his blood sugar was still testing high 600's to low 700's midway between meals. Took the Alphatrak to the vet to compare with his two meters, and yes, it reads a bit high, but not so high to be defective.

Tried a new bottled of Novolin, handled properly this time, and waited a week. Still no change. Then I went online, found out by weight, his dose should have started at 15 units! Went up to 12, then 14, and today he's still testing at 702 midway between meals.

We are boosting it to 15 tonight. I am wondering if it's normal to see no incremental decrease in blood sugar as you increase the insulin? Is there a threshold or something?

It's possible that for some reason he's resistant to the Novolin. When should I try something else? How long can we keep increasing the Novolin before we know it isn't working?

He drinks and pees more than usual, is lethargic, but comfortable. Also we are 2 hrs from the nearest vet.

Thanks...we need some experienced advice. It's so frustrating not knowing what is causing the insulin to be ineffective.
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