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Default Re: New and needing advice

Originally Posted by oliversparents View Post

Thanks for your quick reply.

Yes, we've been getting the insulin from Walmart. It's good to know that dosages can be quite a bit higher than the starting dose once they start working. I had no idea.

Would it be normal to see a gradual reduction in blood sugar as the dose increases? I am hoping he doesn't have a uti on top of things, making the insulin less effective, or non-effective. In the past few days, he's urinated on his bed while sleeping. Before that, if he had an accident, he would get up and do it somewhere away from his bed.

Plus I have a vet tech friend of a friend who says Novolin does not work. I have a hard time believing that, since it's sold as a human insulin as well. And there can be so much human error in administration (speaking from experience!).

But the hardest thing is knowing what high blood sugar can do to our little guy, and standing by helplessly trying to help with no change yet.

Uncontrolled urination is a byproduct of high blood glucose. The body tries to rid itself of glucose through the urine. Guess it can sneak up on the pup.

I can't remember if I saw a gradual lowering in numbers, it's been over 8 years. I do remember I had big swings in readings the first year or so, but things finally stabilized.

Are you feeding two similar meals per day? No, or highly restricted, between meal snacks? Any other medications?

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