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Default Re: Ollie's journey

An update on Ollie:

Yesterday we did a more complete curve. Note that his feeding/insulin shot time is 7:30 am and 7:30 pm. He was at 24 units. Here's the numbers, still high, unfortunately:

6:30 am: 437

9:30 am: 619

12:30 pm: 445

3:30 pm 557

6:30 pm: 497

So we increased to 25.5 units last night. Right now he is trying to eat a lot of grass outside. I haven't seen him vomit, but that's what he's trying to do. I know that's bad, maybe ketoacidosis. I will do a urine test asap. We are 2 hours away from vet, so it's not an easy decision to go or not.

We have started giving him Cranberry Relief as a preventative for uti. He doesn't appear to have any symptoms of that yet as far as I can tell (no abdominal tenderness, or discharge).

Will keep you posted, and thanks again for all the advice. He remains peppy, and weight loss has slacked off.

I forgot to mention that he rarely has urination accidents anymore, and has stopped drinking large amounts of water. AND a reminder that my monitor tested high against two others at the vet, one human, one the same model, Alphatrak.
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