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Default Re: Ollie's journey

GOOD NEWS! Ollie's keytones are negative! He's acting fine as well. His urine test said his glucose was at 1+++.

Thanks Craig. I do have trouble knowing how much to increase it by. I think my husband did go ahead and do 26 units this morning, though that's not much different. I guess I'm scared of going too far. I mean, the incremental overall lowering of his blood sugar seems linear, to be progressing at a steady rate. However, I realize the decrease in blood sugar could be non-linear, and the change might come quite dramatically. I imagine it's different for every dog.

Anyway, therein lies my caution and resulting incremental dose increases. But I do appreciate the advice. So, if I did increase by 2 units or more, what kind of numbers would you then slow down at?

Also, I haven't been exercising him much at all, not even short walks. Now that his hind end is working better, what can I expect a short walk to do to his blood sugar? I would think it would increase his metabolism, and use up the insulin faster. Is that right? Or is the insulin pretty stable regardless?

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