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Default Re: Ollie's journey

Ollie is not doing so good today.

We now have him at 29 units. We did a curve yesterday, and he's still in the high 300's-400's. He actually did have a reading of 291 this week, though. Keytones are negative.

He's been having trouble with one eye lately, trying to keep it closed. It looks a little swollen. Last night he was very restless, so we let him outside to pee and then got him on the bed. He was shivering for a long time, even after we had him under a blanket. Now this morning both eyes are looking swollen and are maybe photophobic. He's not shivering anymore. He's trying to keep his eyes closed, and seems to be in discomfort.

He didn't want to eat this morning, but we did manage to entice him with an egg on top of his food. So he's had his insulin this morning.

Has anyone had a dog with this kind of eye trouble? It may not be related to the diabetes, I guess. Doing a search on photophobia, it could be anything.

Worried for him. Also...the vet is 2 hrs away, so that is why we aren't rushing to get him to a doc. He's not suffering horribly.

I never mentioned it before, but Ollie has a huge lump on his neck. Two vets have seen it. One thinks it's cancer and will eventually block off his airway. The other did not know and said we could biopsy or do surgery or both. Ollie is a lumpy dog anyway, so it could well be benign. However, the first vet thinks it's cancer because it changes size.

We have a very limited income, and I don't want to have Ollie in a stressful environment like the vet. He really turns to jello there. So I guess we're in a wait-and-see mode.
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